• The Purpose Sniffer: one of the 13 Tools on a Possibilitator's Toolbelt

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  • The Purpose Sniffer

    If you shoot an arrow, the instant you let her fly the arrow's target is already known. The target is established in the way the arrow is unleashed.


    This turns out to be true of any gesture you make, any word you speak, any thought you think, any feeling you feel, and any action you take or stop yourself from taking. The purpose is already known in the instant you let her fly.


    Even if your purpose is unconscious to you, your purpose is known... because your actions fulfill a purpose by the results they create. Results don't lie.


    This is a responsible universe.


    Sure, you might make an accident. What did you do, or not do, to cause the circumstances that allowed this 'accident' to happen?


    Do you get it? In the responsible universe there aren't any accidents. There are simply unconscious purposes.


    To ignore purpose is to set yourself up to be naive.


    Each intention, each move of every person around you creates something like 'Purpose Waves'. These are physical characteristics that emanate from the action.


    Purpose waves can be detected as each action occurs. Thoughts, words, and deeds each generate a 'Purpose Field'.


    Your Purpose Sniffer detects the 'Purpose Field' and tells you what it is.


    Yes, there can be - and often are - multiple layers of purpose in many actions. Some layers of Purpose are Conscious to the creator of the outcomes. Some layers of Purpose are Unconscious to the creator of the outcome.


    Even if a person believes that their Conscious Purpose is their Purpose, it can be outweighed by their Unconscious Purpose, and the net outcome creates rewards for their Shadow Principles and their Gremlin.


    To be clear, the Purpose is not the reasons someone might give you for why they are doing something. Reasons are cheap, 10 cents a dozen. The reason is not the cause. Reasons are mostly intellectual deceptions, given so as to deceive oneself or to deceive others.


    If you activate your Purpose Sniffer it works in all directions. In other words, your Purpose Sniffer detects your own Purposes as well as it detects other people's Purposes.


    The Purposes your Purpose Sniffer detects may not reveal a pretty sight. It may be dismaying to discover that most of the activities of modern culture are deceptions and justifications to sacrifice Life in exchange for Gremlin feeding frenzy. The entire investment world of stocks, derivatives, and banking is merely gambling. Trying to make a profit is also a Gremlin concept of trying to externalize real costs to future generations, third-world countries, or to Gaia... who has reached her capacity of endurance.


    On the other hand, activating your Purpose Sniffer gives you a more accurate assessment of current reality which empowers your ability to take actions that create valuable new results. This is useful beyond measure for a Possibilitator, Feelings Practitioner, Edgeworker, Riftwalker, Village Seed, New Refugee, Gameworld Builder, Earth Guardian, Village Weaver, or Evolutionary.
















  • How To Use Your Purpose Sniffer



    Notice that you are stuck, either as an individual or as a team. You may have a sense that something completely different from this is possible right now and you want to go there. Use that impulse to alert you to the Possibility of using your Jakobs Ladder.


    Before you use your Jakobs Ladder you do not have to already know where you want to go or how to go there. If you already know then it is not a new space.


    All you need is to notice that you are noticing the discomfort of being stuck.


    This meta-noticing triggers Step 2.



    Remember that you are a Possibilitator.


    Declaring yourself to be a Possibilitator is an identity-shift experience.


    Before this painful moment reminded you, you may have forgotten your Possibilitator potentials.


    The pain of sensing your stuckness can trigger your impulse to remember to take on a Possibilitator's first position: Centered, Grounded, Bubbled, Gremlin at your side, Toolbelt on, Sword of Clarity (or Possibility Paintbrush) to hand, paying attention to your attention, ready for your next move.


    Your next move, if you choose it to be so, is to decide to use your Jakob's Ladder.



    A decision changes who you are.


    A full decision takes approximately 3 seconds after your Being decides to enter and reorder your 5 Bodies. Sometimes the 3 seconds is too long, as is often the case with implementing Jakobs Ladder. When there is not enough time to do it in an orderly fashion you can still do it in a disorderly fashion, meaning, decide and move first and let things (like your mind) reorder and catch up with your Being when they can. The mind is actually the slowest of the 5 Bodies.


    These instructions for using your Jakobs Ladder slow the procedure down enough that you can make it conscious. Once you have gone through the procedure a few times slowly and deliberately you build out your capacity for using your Jakobs Ladder. It is an excellent idea to practice Jakobs Ladder and the other Possibility Management energetic tools at your Possibility Team the same way, slowly, deliberately, step-by-step, repeatedly, with realtime feedback and coaching.



    Make sure your energetic threads of connection make contact with everyone in the space before you push your Jakobs Ladder 'start' button. The energetic threads either go from heart to heart or from center to center, not for control or safety or possession, but merely for contact.


    Whoever you are in contact with is who will make the shift with you from this space to the next space.


    Anyone you are not in contact with - for whatever reason - Gremlin reason or merely not noticing that you do not have contact with them - will be left behind in the old space. Assure that your Gremlin is on a short leash and assisting in this space shift and not feeding on the possibility of leaving someone behind. Tell your Gremlin to make sure you are connected with everyone and to report instantly back to you. This is the way to put your Gremlin to work and give him great jobs to do.



    Push the start button on your Jakobs Ladder on your Toolbelt. The flash starts instantly, as in the video, and exits the current space under its own power. Ride the elevator 'up' while holding space for the whole Team.


    The word 'up' here does not relate to the pull of gravity. When navigating spaces there is no 'up'. Your Jakobs Ladder takes you in a nonlinear direction from your current space through the Gap In Space. This may be sideways, downwards, spiral, or space-jump, there is no significance in that.


    Who determines which way your Jakob Ladder takes you? 'I' consider this to be a very interesting question. On the one hand 'I' want the new space of Possibility to be determined by 'me' and 'my purposes and wishes'. 'I' want my Jakobs Ladder to take me and us to a new space of 'my' design. Sometimes 'I' think it works that way, but maybe it doesn't. It could be that where your Jakobs Ladder takes you is determined by ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Office). If so, then if the new space turns out to be a space where 'I' wanted to go, then this simply indicates that 'I' am in resonance with ECCO (or 'I' am 'being resonated' be ECCO... At this point the conversation gets philosophical and conjectural... although 'I' still find it interesting...)



    As a spaceholder it helps to immediately let go of the current space by relaxing your attentive grip on the 8 points in the corners of the cube so it disassociates from the physical space. Then vanish the space's grounding cord with your Clicker. You are pullin the rug out from under the whole space and everyone in it without destroying the space itself.


    Use the space as a spaceship, a chamber with passengers, and use your intention to collectively bring everyone along for the roller-coaster ride. It can help to smile just a little so that when people feel the sudden dizziness and look at you they think you are having some kind of Fun. Slide... It's just a ride.


    Within 3 seconds of clicking your Clicker to turn on your Jakobs Ladder you will receive a 5 Body impulse to move (e.g. to stand up, walk, turn, sit down, lie down), to feel (anger, sadness, fear, or joy), to speak (to declare, to ask e.g. a dangerous or forbidden question, to distinguish, to take a stand...) as a way of creating either a pressure or a vacuum.


    The impulse does not come into your mind. It usually comes into more than one of your 5 Bodies at the same time. If you receive merely an idea in your mind this is probably not the impulse from your Jakobs Ladder.


    When the impulse comes, let it move you before you start thinking about reasons, arguments, explanations, etc. The movement need not be anything huge. The ride up Jakobs Ladder is like a rocket taking off, and as the Possibilitator, Inner Permaculturist, Edgeworker, Bridgebuilder, Riftwalker, Trainer, shift agent... it is simply your job to go first. Re-make your Grounding Cord with your Clicker to serve as a stake in the ground in the new space, the new context, the new view. Take a deep breath.



    The first few seconds going up and out the top of the old space through your Jakobs Ladder are crucial because that is when people's fear is most intense (including yours) about what is happening now and what might happen next.


    New ideas at first seem insane, impossible, invisible, crazy, even dangerous. Make sure your impulse to move is not in reality dangerous. Using your Jakobs Ladder is not about 'magical thinking' where 'anything is possible'. Possibility Management has nothing to do with magical thinking.


    Also make sure you stay in contact with every last soul in your Team. Fur sure one or two fringe people will be dragging their feet, holding onto sandbags to stay back in the familiar space. You (...your Gremlin) may have the urge to shoot ahead and explore the new space without everyone on board, but that would be a mistake.


    Instead, stay particularly connected with the 'last guys'. Do not shun or abandon them. Take the time to include them. If they eventually discover and experience the value of the new space they will be some of your strongest supporters.


    To 'build mass' in the new territory simply means to explain the rules of engagement in the new circumstances and set up camp as usual. Explain anything that is not clear about how things go here. Inhabit the new space in every way. This changes the new space from a weird concept into the new ordinary. Small, calm, ordinary interactions stabilize the new space.



    Do not focus on proving anything to others in the old spaces about the value of the new space. Simply play full out in the new space. Focusing on the others can suck you back into the old space. It is important to keep your Gremlin on a short leash and stop him from doing "I told you so!" or play superior / inferior or right / wrong. Jakobs Ladder is so helpful in setting the context and building the new gameworlds that make the existing gameworlds irrelevant. It is wise to remember that next spaces are all around you, each with their own Possibilities which at any moment may become necessary to shift into. Try to not get attached to any particular space. You are a space navigator serving your Bright Principles and your Archetypal Lineage, not your Box or Ego or Gremlin.



    There is a risk and a time-delay if you do not live in the presence of the distinction that you are a 'Possibilitator' with a full set of tools on your Possibilitator Toolbelt.


    The risk is that you might mistakenly think you are an ordinary human being limited to the Possibilities available in Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware.


    What a dreadful thing that would be!


    The time-delay needed for your identity shift from 'Jane Smith' to 'Possibilitator Jane Smith' while you clip on your Possibilitator Toolbelt and press the proper Clicker button to ignite your Jakobs Ladder (TCHAK!) may use up the entire small NOW time doorway that was available for bringing your Team nonlinearly up the Jakobs Ladder into a new space of Possibility. When a doorway closes you may never find it again.


    No one can choose and sustain your identity for you.


    No one can stop you from maintaining your Possibilitator identity.


    By the way, you do not have to wear your Possibilitator identity on your coat like a Sheriff's badge... you could keep it as a secret identity.

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