• The Purpose Sniffer: one of the 13 Tools on a Possibilitator's Toolbelt

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  • The Purpose Sniffer

    If you shoot an arrow, the instant you let her fly the arrow's target is already known. The target is established in the way the arrow is unleashed.


    This turns out to be true of any gesture you make, any word you speak, any thought you think, any feeling you feel, and any action you take or stop yourself from taking. The purpose is already known in the instant you let her fly.


    Even if your purpose is unconscious to you, your purpose is known... because your actions fulfill a purpose by the results they create. Results don't lie.


    This is a responsible universe.


    Sure, you might make an accident. What did you do, or not do, to cause the circumstances that allowed this 'accident' to happen?


    Do you get it? In the responsible universe there aren't any accidents. There are simply unconscious purposes.


    To ignore purpose is to set yourself up to be naive.


    Each intention, each move of every person around you creates something like 'Purpose Waves'. These are physical characteristics that emanate from the action.


    Purpose waves can be detected as each action occurs. Thoughts, words, and deeds each generate a 'Purpose Field'.


    Your Purpose Sniffer detects the 'Purpose Field' and tells you what it is.


    Yes, there can be - and often are - multiple layers of purpose in many actions. Some layers of Purpose are Conscious to the creator of the outcomes. Some layers of Purpose are Unconscious to the creator of the outcome.


    Even if a person believes that their Conscious Purpose is their Purpose, it can be outweighed by their Unconscious Purpose, and the net outcome creates rewards for their Shadow Principles and their Gremlin.


    To be clear, the Purpose is not the reasons someone might give you for why they are doing something. Reasons are cheap, 10 cents a dozen. The reason is not the cause. Reasons are mostly intellectual deceptions, given so as to deceive oneself or to deceive others.


    If you activate your Purpose Sniffer it works in all directions. In other words, your Purpose Sniffer detects your own Purposes as well as it detects other people's Purposes.


    The Purposes your Purpose Sniffer detects may not reveal a pretty sight. It may be dismaying to discover that most of the activities of modern culture are deceptions and justifications to sacrifice Life in exchange for Gremlin feeding frenzy. The entire investment world of stocks, derivatives, and banking is merely gambling. Trying to make a profit is also a Gremlin concept of trying to externalize real costs to future generations, third-world countries, or to Gaia... who has reached her capacity of endurance.


    On the other hand, activating your Purpose Sniffer gives you a more accurate assessment of current reality which empowers your ability to take actions that create valuable new results. This is useful beyond measure for a Possibilitator, Feelings Practitioner, Edgeworker, Riftwalker, Village Seed, New Refugee, Gameworld Builder, Earth Guardian, Village Weaver, or Evolutionary.
















  • Conscious or Unconscious Purpose


    Vera Luisa Franco, Possibility Management Trainer, distinguish between Conscious and Unconscious Purpose from the perspective of a Possibility Manager, from the perspective of Responsibility.

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